Corononavirus Information for Geology Walks


Some information for those takign part in a geology walk


Numbers are limited. At the moment (September 2020) a maximum of 15 people are allowed on a trip. Also, there is a limit on the number of family groups that can take part - the maximum is 4. So the 15 participants have to be members of 4 family groups.


The nature of the walks  in the outdoors means that social distancing and keeping apart from other people is straightforward. You do not need ot wear a face covering but some may prefer to do this


Try to avoid touching anything that others may also touch such as gates, stiles, fences etc. If you have to touch such items use a sleeve or something similar to avoid direct contact


Bring your own hand sanitiser if  you can - the leader will also have some with him


The usual rules about not leaving waste such as tissues apply, even more so during this pandemic. Bag it and dispose of properly!


If you are showing any of the symptoms  -  persistant new cough, high temperature etc please let us know and do not attend the walk!


Contact details will have been taken anyway as part of the sign-up process but these will be verified at the start of the walk so that rtacing can be carried out if necessary