Geology Walk: IONA


Beach on the west side of Iona

Iona is one of the most amazing islands on the west coast. The rocks are ancient, much older than Mull and similar to the Western Isles - the famous "Lewisian Gneiss" makes up most of the island of Iona. There is so much geology  to see as well as amazing coastal scenery

Visit Columbas Bay and look for the famous green marble pebbles - the Marble Quarry itself is not far from there. The Machair (wind blown sand covered in grass makes for very pleasant walking. The views to the west and south are extensive

If the conditions are right you may even see the famous Spouting Cave spouting! There is so much to see in this ancient landscape  - come along and find out more!



You will see:-


Rocks that are over 2 billion years old
Beautuful white sandy beaches
The marble quarry
Columbas Bay and the green marble pebbles
Erratic boulders of Ross of Mull Granite
The Machair
Caves, arches, sea stacks
Spouting Cave
Fantastic pebble beaches

Plus lots more!  All technical terms will be carefully and gently explained. No previosu knowledge is neccessary. If anyone has any questions before during or after the walk, please feel free to hit me with them!




Granite erratic boulder



Location on the map:-






Geology of Mull and Iona - Further Information


 There is a phenomenal amount of interesting geology to be seen and experienced in these islands. For more information on it, please have a look at my other site "Geology of Mull & Iona" which hopefully will provide you with detailed up to date information as well as pictures and other resources