Geology Walk: LOCHBUIE

 LOCHBUIE, South East Mull

Traigh Bhan Lagain - the Laggan Sands

 Lochbuie is an excellent place to appreciate Mull's volcanic history and how the eruptions of 60 million years ago have shaped the landscape we see today. Lochbuie lies right on the edge of what is called the "Central Complex" - that really complicated looking area of the geological map. But a Lochbuie, the geology is straightforward, accessible and easy to see!  Lochbuie allows  us to look into the various volcanic events and break them dowin into easy to understand chunks!

There are many different rock types on display and the way that these influence the landscape is easy to appreciate. The walking is easy, along a good shore path and there are excellent facilities - good parking, a great cafe and the views are some of the best in Mull


You will see:-


Basalt Lava flows
Early granites
Gabbro (where the castle is built)
Glassy margins
Layering in gabbro
Cone sheets
Caves, arches
A tidal island with tombolo
A cliff that looks like Queen Victoria!
A superb basalt / granite contact
Storm beach

Plus lots more!  All technical terms will be carefully and gently explained. No previosu knowledge is neccessary. If anyone has any questions before during or after the walk, please feel free to hit me with them!



Granite cliff cut by a cone sheet cut by a dyke



Location on the map:-





Geology of Mull and Iona - Further Information


 There is a phenomenal amount of interesting geology to be seen and experienced in these islands. For more information on it, please have a look at my other site "Geology of Mull & Iona" which hopefully will provide you with detailed up to date information as well as pictures and other resources