Iona Geology Walk - Route Details

 Isle of Iona Geology Walk - Route Description



Meet up at the pier-head in Iona at th eappointed time. The walk follows the road down the east side looking at the "Iona Group" rocks on the shore , various dykes and islets  and erratics of the Ross of Mull Granite


Head over to the Machair and the Lewisian Gneiss can be seen. A visit to Port Ban is a must where there are numerous dykes cutting the Gneiss. The west side of the Island has great sea views. From there we head over past Loch Staoineag to Columbas Bay - hunt for the famous green "Iona Pebbles" and see more gneiss


Final port of call is the Marble Quarry where the old machinery can be examined and cut blocks of the marble can be found. Return to the pier by cutting over to the Machair and then back along the road










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Geology of Mull and Iona - Further Information


 There is a phenomenal amount of interesting geology to be seen and experienced in these islands. For more information on it, please have a look at my other site "Geology of Mull & Iona" which hopefully will provide you with detailed up to date information as well as pictures and other resources